Fitness at Home

The World Health Organization recommends that adults get 150 minutes – that’s 30 minutes at least five times per week – of moderate-intensity physical activity throughout the week.

Our fitness team has developed tools to help you stay active at home, such as:

  • Instructional videos for all fitness levels
  • Written workout plans
  • Fitness tips

Before participating in a new workout or fitness class, please complete the Par-Q+ Form – this is a Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire that helps determine if you are able to participate in fitness classes, and to avoid injury you may be required to consult with your doctor first. You should complete the Par-Q form at least once a year.

By performing any exercises as shown in our virtual fitness classes, you understand and agree that you are performing them at your own risk. The City of Coquitlam, its officers, employees and agents, will not be responsible or liable for any injury, loss or harm you sustain as a result of our virtual fitness classes. Thank you for understanding.

Remember to stay hydrated, work at your own pace, and take breaks if you need to. Have fun and enjoy our virtual workouts!

Click on the icon on top right of the embedded YouTube video to see all fitness videos.

Fitness at Home – Family-Friendly Workout

Fitness at Home – Low Impact Workouts

Fitness at Home – High Intensity Workouts

Five-Minute Movement Break

Looking for a quick movement break? Try these five-minute exercises with Raquel.

Take a Virtual Walk in Coquitlam

Hop on the treadmill and take a virtual walk through Coquitlam Parks. Learn more about Coquitlam Parks and Trails

  1. Home Workout Equipment
  2. Home Workout Program – Volume One
  3. Home Workout Program – Volume Two

Looking for creative ways to boost your workout? Try using ordinary household items as fitness equipment. Your home is full of free fitness equipment - if you know where to look.

Check out the Free Weight Alternatives Poster (PDF) for more ideas. 

  • Ankle Weights - Wear ankle weights during your daily walk or workout for added resistance.
  • Chair - Use a kitchen chair as a higher step up or for tricep dips.
  • Rolled Up Towel - Place a rolled up towel between your thighs, squeeze and lift your feet off the ground. This exercise strengthens the inner thighs and abdominals.
  • Stairs - Utilize a staircase during your workout as a step or a bench. 6. Couch Lift Stand at the side of your couch in a deadlift position and lift the couch up and down as you would with dumbbells or a barbell.
  • Two Tea Towels - Using towels is a great way to build stabilizer muscles just like you would with floor gliders or a Total Resistance exercise.