Small Business Week

Coquitlam has nearly 7,000 licensed businesses, many of which are small enterprises run by people who live, raise families, support local fundraisers and volunteer in this community. 

With the prevalence of online shopping, it’s easy to forget that money spent at Coquitlam’s small businesses often stays in the community, providing local residents with a livelihood. 

Every October, the City celebrates Small Business Week – an annual celebration of entrepreneurship organized by the Business Development Bank of Canada – to highlight the important role played by local small businesses in supplying goods and services, providing jobs, paying taxes and fees that support the community, and contributing to vibrant, complete neighbourhoods.

This year, the City will celebrate Small Business Week from Oct. 17 – 23, 2021. 

Local businesses need more support than ever as many face unprecedented challenges related to COVID-19. Coquitlam is asking all local residents to challenge themselves to shop locally during Small Business Week and in the months to come. Help celebrate and support the small businesses that are the backbone of our community.

Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce: Small Business Week Resources

Every October, the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce celebrates Small Business Week to support local business in the region. To learn more about local resources, #ShopChamber campaign and the TD Business Spotlights initiative, visit the Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce website

Five Reasons to Support Small Businesses

  1. Your money stays here. Spending at a small business supports owners and staff who often live in the same community.   
  2. They provide jobs. Local small businesses not only provide employment for their owners and their families, but for others in the community.
  3. They’re members of our community. Many local small businesses support worthy causes, sponsor sports teams and give back to their community in other ways. 
  4. They reward loyalty. Once local small businesses get to know you, they’ll often go the extra mile to meet your needs.
  5. We are all in this together. Without a reliable supply of customers, many small businesses could face hardships during these challenging economic times. Supporting your local business is supporting your local community.  

How Coquitlam is Supporting Local Businesses

City efforts to support businesses and the local economy during the pandemic have included:

  • Creating a Business Support Portal with comprehensive information about opportunities and resources at our Business Support Portal;
  • Changing practices and regulations to cut red tape for businesses, including more online services, relaxing regulations for using outdoor space, and adapting development application processes and fee schedules;
  • Building restaurant promotion and paid business opportunities into civic events such as Coquitlam Celebrates Canada Day and the Summer Concert Series;
  • Participating in and promoting the Tri-Cities #SupportLocal initiative;
  • Conducting surveys to identify local business needs and consumer spending habits; and
  • In-person outreach to share resources and opportunities available through the City’s economic development action plan and multi-sector Community Support and Recovery Plan.