Can I receive funding for my block party?

Yes! The City is offering a $150 Block Party Grant to approved block party organizers. We recommend using the grant towards supporting local businesses. The grant funds may be used for food and equipment; however, it cannot be used towards the purchase of alcohol. Coquitlam households are eligible for one block party grant per year. 

Grant funds will be awarded based on the following:

  • The block party is a personal gathering amongst neighbors.
  • An approved block party application.
  • The primary purpose of the block party is for the enjoyment and benefit of the surrounding neighborhood.
  • A submitted Block Party Evaluation, no later than two weeks following the block party.
  • An emailed photo of the block party.

The City reserves the right to refuse the Block Party Grant to block parties that:

  • Do not adhere to the Provincial Heath Officers orders, notices and guidelines.
  • Do not meet the Block Party Guidelines.
  • Receive neighbour complaints.
  • Do not comply with the intent of the Block Party Program.
  • Implements different plans than those outlined in the Block Party Application 
  • Hosts an event organized by an organization, business or group other than an individual household

Staff reserve the right to review and assess block party applications to ensure compliance with Public Health guidelines.

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