Equity, Diversity and Inclusion

What is EDI?

EDI-related work aims to break down barriers to ensure that everyone – regardless of race, culture, gender, sexual orientation and other diversity characteristics– is able to live, work and thrive in a safe and welcoming environment.

EDI  work values diversity and celebrates what makes each person unique, while emphasizing the humanity we all have in common.

Coquitlam’s Commitment to EDI

As an organization, Coquitlam is on a journey to better serve our vibrant and diverse community by incorporating an EDI  lens in all City business, including our policies and practices, the language we use, how we plan neighbourhoods, and how and what services we provide.

Coquitlam’s commitment to EDI includes:

  • Building an inclusive and welcoming community and workplace.
  • Seeking to address the inherent injustices and biases that hinder and harm some people while benefiting others.
  • Advancing equity for all residents, and especially for groups that have historically been marginalized, such as Indigenous Peoples, racialized or LGBTQ2S+ groups. These groups are often described as “equity-deserving groups.”

Taking Action on EDI

EDI work requires intentional action to rethink and change how systems and policies function.

Starting in 2022, Coquitlam began incorporating EDI principles in the annual Business Plans that guide priorities, decision-making and all work across the organization.

See the tabs below for highlights of our work.

  1. Culture Change
  2. Recruitment & Retention
  3. Diversity
  4. Inclusion
  5. Accessibility

Coquitlam promotes EDI principles through education and outreach to create a culture both within the organization and in the community that is safe and welcoming to all.

City Organization

Examples of EDI work for 2023 include:

  • Providing training and resources to staff regarding a variety of topics including: gender diversity, accessibility, ally-ship and  cultural awareness
  • Reviewing all recruitment and retention policies with an EDI-lens 
  • Reviewing all public-facing communications to further enhance a sense of belonging in the community Purposeful community engagement to inform EDI work across the City
  • Read our statement: Hate Has No Place in Coquitlam


If you or your family members love colouring, we have a series of downloadable colouring sheets highlighting Coquitlam’s inclusivity statements and the 2023 Street Banner program designs:

And if you’re picking up crayons, consider also picking up the ‘Colors of the World’ pack, which contains 24 skin tone crayons representing people of the world.. They can be ordered online but we encourage you to consider buying them from local stores such as London Drugs, Michaels and dollar stores.

  1. Learning Resources
  2. Anti-Racism
  3. Reporting Hate Crimes