City Maps

What is QtheMap

QtheMap is the City’s interactive mapping application that allows users to search, view and print maps containing geographical information within the City of Coquitlam. There are a variety of map layers (themes) that can be turned on and off to customize the information the user wants to see on the map. Selecting individual map features provide details and links to related documents, plans and as-built record drawings.

Explore QtheMap

Key features include:

  • Topographic and aerial photography base maps
  • Address search
  • Property Information
  • Utilities (water, sanitary, drainage, communication and transportation networks)
  • Park sites, amenities, trails and facilities
  • Designated Land Use and Zoning
  • Development permit areas and subdivision activity
  • Environment, watercourse and SPEA mapping
  • Rights of way, covenants and easements


If you have any questions about QtheMap please refer to the QtheMap Help Guide below or send email to send email to QtheMap