Provincial Housing Changes in Coquitlam: What You Need to Know

Coquitlam has been a housing leader in the Metro Vancouver region for many years. Since the adoption of the City’s Housing Affordability Strategy in 2015 there have been over 980 new rental homes completed in Coquitlam, including 400 non-market rental units (i.e. at lower rental rates for low and moderate income households). In addition, as of December 2023, Coquitlam had a record 11,000 new units of market rental and nearly 2,000 new units of below-market and non-market rental in the development process.

Even so, secure and affordable housing remains a challenging issue in the region and across many parts of Canada. As a result, we are seeing the Government of Canada and Province of BC introduce programs and legislative changes aimed at aggressively closing the gap between housing supply and demand. This includes the federal Housing Accelerator Fund program, administered through the Canadian Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC), and the Province of BC’s Homes for People action plan and significant, related legislative changes.

As the City works through the changes needed to comply with these initiatives, we want to ensure Coquitlam residents and businesses are aware of the related impacts and how they will affect our community. We will be informing the community on updates through our website and on City social media platforms.