Get Connected

QNet provides fibre optic connections at no cost to you for:

  • Existing buildings (businesses, office buildings, complexes or residential highrises) at the request of the owner, strata council or a telecom service provider.
  • New developments (businesses or residential highrises). We work with developers to install QNet fibre optic access during building construction.
  • Telecom service providers, including wireless network operators.

How to Connect your Business or Building


See how QNet can benefit your business, learn about our Data Centre Facility and position yourself for growth.


Connect your building with QNet’s state-of-the-art fibre optic cables. We’ll work together to fit your building with the latest technology – at no cost to you.

Residential High-Rises

Are you a building owner or member of a strata council? Visit our Residential High-Rises page to find out how you can connect your building with high-speed and high-bandwidth fibre optic access – at no cost.

How Fast is Fibre? 

Fibre optic internet is the fastest speed available today – faster than even the top broadband speeds billed as “superfast.”

The network’s gigabit-plus capacity delivers quick download times for all your important info and entertainment. How quick? 

  • A 5-minute video loads in .2 seconds
  • A 9-hour audiobook takes .9 seconds
  • A 2-hour movie takes 8 seconds
  • A video game (20 gig) takes all of 2.7 minutes. Less time than it takes to fix a snack.

That quick.