Public Works

Public Works Staff are essential workers who keep our community running strong all year long by maintaining our streets, water and sewer systems, and completing many other tasks.

Did you know?

Public Works professionals maintain and repair:

  • 1,614 km of pipe — water mains, storm mains and culverts and sanitary sewer mains
  • 73 pump stations — water, sanitary and storm
  • over 1,000 pieces of equipment
  • over 300 vehicles including the Fire/Rescue fleet

Check out this infographic that details our operations.

The Role of Public Works

Public Works maintains and operates the City's water distribution system to ensure a constant supply of drinking water for residents, and a readily available supply for fire protection.  They also maintain, operate and repair the sewer system to ensure proper collection and treatment, which supports the health and safety of residents and of the environment.

The work they do protects residents and properties from flooding during weather events by maintaining the drainage system, keeping the roads safe and in good condition and coordinating garbage, recycling and green waste collection.

Public works maintains and repairs over 1,000 pieces of equipment and 300 vehicles including Coquitlam Fire Department fleet.  A team of hardworking dedicated Staff provides 24/7 service to the City.

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