Litter and Damage to Public Places

Coquitlam lies at nature’s doorstep. Help keep our treasured outdoor spaces as beautiful as possible.

View the Litter and Desecration Prohibition Bylaw Number 4762, 2017 (PDF)

What You Need to Know 

Litter & Dumping

  • Do not litter, including cigarette butts, or dump furniture, construction materials or other large items in Coquitlam parks and public places.
  • Never toss litter, including cigarette butts, out a vehicle window.
    • If you smoke, please fully extinguish the cigarette and dispose of it in an ashtray or garbage receptacle, not on the street. 
    • Smoking and vaping, including tobacco and cannabis products, is not permitted in City parks

View the Smoking Control Bylaw Number 3037, 1996 (PDF)

  • City parks have garbage receptacles for disposing of picnic garbage; 
    • Do not bring household garbage to dispose of in park garbage receptacles

View the Parks and Community Facilities Rules and Regulations Bylaw Number 3617, 2004 (PDF) 

  • Do not throw, dump or dispose of grass clippings, leaves or snow onto the street or onto a public place adjacent to your property.
  • Spitting, urination, defecation in a public place is not permitted.

Damage to Public Places

  • Cutting, digging up and removing flowers, bushes, trees or other vegetation from parks and public places is not permitted.
  • Do not spray paint graffiti or otherwise tamper with or damage any public property or equipment.
  • Do not affix stickers or other posters or signs to any property or equipment.

View the Postering Bylaw Number 3887, 2009 (PDF)

How to Report

To report a Litter & Desecration Prohibition Bylaw concern, call 604-927-3580 or email.

Learn more about Bylaw Enforcement.