How to Plan for Growth

The Citywide Official Community Plan (CWOCP) is theblueprint for guiding growth, providing a vision for the future use of land in the city and giving all property a Land Use Designation. Each Land Use Designation in the CWOCP has a number of Zones from the Zoning Bylaw that could be applied to the future use of the property.

Citywide Official Community Plan (CWOCP) & Zoning Bylaw Overview

  • Land Use: The future uses and building types a property can have. Changing the land use designation requires amendment to the Citywide Official Community Plan but does not automatically change the zoning.
  • Zoning: Permitted uses, lot sizes, height, and setbacks as well as the maximum density of buildings.

If you are in a neighbourhood that is redeveloping, you may be approached by a developer, or their agent, expressing interest in your property. The City’s mandate does not extend to private real estate transactions, and the City encourages residents to be informed before they make a decision related to land sales and the future development potential of their property.

Development Example: Apartment Building

When a property owner decides to develop their land, certain permits, depending on the type of development, are required from the City. Each development application process is unique, so this video example is for general information only.

For more information about the different types of Development Permits and Building Permits, please visit the Licences and Permits page.

Additional Information

For more information about your property, email Planning and Development or phone 604-927-3430 to speak to a City Planner.