Property Tax Prepayment Plan

Our Property Tax Prepayment Plan acts as a savings account to prepare for your next property tax bill. By starting in August and having 10 withdrawals taken from your bank account, you will have money in your tax account ready to apply to the amount due next year. Your property tax bill will show how much you have prepaid and whether there is still a balance owing.


To be eligible to join the Property Tax Prepayment Plan, all tax and utilities accounts on the property must be up to date.

How to Apply

  • Complete the Property Taxes Prepayment Application Form (PDF).
  • Attach a "void" personalized cheque from your bank account.
  • Return completed application to the Revenue Services Department by July 15 to start withdrawals on August 1.
  • You do not need to apply each year. The Plan starts again each August.

Withdrawal Information

  • Number of withdrawals: 10
  • First withdrawal: August 1
  • Last withdrawal: May 1

To calculate the amount of money to be to be withdrawn from your account, calculate your monthly prepayments by dividing the amount of your current tax bill by 10.

This is just an estimate of the amount of taxes. There may still be a balance owing when you receive your Property Tax Bill the following year.

Joining the Plan After August 1

If you join the plan after August 1, you may wish to adjust the withdrawal amounts or pay a lump sum when you join the Property Tax Prepayment Plan.

Property Tax Bill: Mailed End of May

  • Your Property Tax Bill will show the current taxes owing and the amount of money that you have prepaid.
  • Check under Total Taxes Due to see whether you still have money owing.
  • Before the due date, make any final payment required and claim your Homeowner Grant (if eligible).

Change Amount or Cancel Property Tax Prepayment Plan