Upper Pipeline Road Corridor Study Area

Upper Pipeline Road Corridor

The Upper Pipeline Road Corridor (UPRC) falls within the boundaries of the Northwest Coquitlam Area Plan, which was prepared in 2002. The primary use of most of this land for many decades has been for sand and gravel (sometimes called aggregate) extraction. The lands within the UPRC total 356.9 ha (881.7 ac) and are generally located:

  • west of the Coquitlam River;
  • north of the Urban Containment Boundary (UCB) established in the Metro Vancouver Regional Growth Strategy at Galette Avenue (though a number of included properties along Pipeline Road are within the UCB);
  • east of the Westwood Plateau neighbourhood; and
  • south of the Coquitlam Lake watershed.

Council endorsed a scope and process (PDF) for the UPRC on Monday, April 26, 2021.

The purpose of the UPRC study is to: 

  • complete a planning overview through technical analysis and engagement, and 
  • inform the public that a planning process is starting for the area. 

Here are the key objectives and their related tasks in the UPRC planning overview process:

  • Objective #1 - Establish guiding planning principles
  • Objective #2 - Complete baseline information and background analysis
  • Objective #3 - Undertake engagement/public input
  • Objective #4 - Identify opportunities and constraints

The planning overview is the first step in the City's standard planning process and will set the stage for more detailed future planning work. This will include the preparation of a land use vision for the UPRC, similar to the Northwest Burke Vision, which will provide direction on land use and subsequent area or neighbourhood planning processes, similar to the Burquitlam-Lougheed Neighbourhood Plan. 

View the UPRC planning process figure (PDF)  that shows the levels of detail for each stage.

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