Urban Forest Management Strategy – In Process

We are developing a plan to maintain and enhance Coquitlam’s urban forest to benefit our community.

An urban forest consists of all the trees, forests, vegetation and soils in our city, including in our yards, streets and parks.

Our urban forest provides us with many environmental, social, health and economic benefits. It supports high levels of biodiversity, improves air quality, cools urban heat islands, and provides high-value recreational opportunities. It is important for keeping our community happy and healthy.

But, urban forests face increasing challenges due to climate change, growing population, pests, and diseases.

To ensure our community continues to benefit from a healthy urban forest, we are in the process of developing an Urban Forest Management Strategy.

This strategy will:

  • Evaluate the current conditions of Coquitlam’s urban forest
  • Establish a community-supported urban forest vision and goals
  • Provide guidance and strategic actions to grow, manage, and protect the city’s urban forest

The development of an Urban Forest Management Plan was identified as a short term action item in the City’s Environmental Sustainability Plan. The Urban Forest Management Strategy project background work started in November 2023.

Coquitlam’s Urban Forest is situated on the lands within the kʷikʷəƛ̓əm First Nation’s traditional and ancestral territory. This project is an important opportunity for the City and its partners to continue to demonstrate a commitment to advancing reconciliation through ongoing engagement and collaboration with kʷikʷəƛ̓əm representatives.

How to Get Involved

Visit LetsTalkCoquitlam.ca/UrbanForest to learn more, share your thoughts and ask questions.