Engineering & Public Works

Engineering and Public Works plans, designs, constructs, operates and maintains the City’s infrastructure and provides core City services such as transportation, water distribution, flood control, waste collection, storm water management and sewage collection. This work is carried out by the following divisions:

  • Design and Construction
  • Environment
  • Utilities
  • Policy and Business Services
  • Public Works 
  • Transportation

Design and Construction 

Key responsibilities include:

  • Coordinating and implementing the City’s road and utility capital construction projects
  • Inspection services of City engineering infrastructure for City and land development projects
  • Survey services including legal and topographic surveys, and construction layout for City capital projects


Key responsibilities include:

  • Providing environmental policies and objectives to conserve energy and water, reduce waste, protect the environment, and monitor greenhouse gas emissions
  • Providing education and enforcement for environmental programs, including solid waste

Policy and Business Services

Key responsibilities include:

  • Developing policies and conducting strategic and business planning
  • Overseeing and monitoring financial planning for the department
  • Providing Engineering Customer Service

Public Works 

Key responsibilities include:

  • Operating and maintaining the City’s roads, water, sewer and drainage systems
  • Maintaining the corporate fleet of vehicles and equipment
  • Managing solid waste services
  • Emergency engineering services for water, sewer, drainage and roads (24/7)


Key responsibilities include:

  • Policy and planning for the City’s transportation needs to accommodate new growth and infrastructure replacement
  • Managing the City’s traffic signal network and CCTV intersection cameras
  • Traffic operations, including streetlights, pavement markings, signage and road safety
  • Managing street use, electric vehicle charging stations, on-street parking and City-owned parking lots 


Key responsibilities include:

  • Policy and planning for construction of new and replacement water, sewer and drainage infrastructure
  • Asset management, monitoring and analytics for Engineering and Public Works
  • Oversees QtheMap, cadastral mapping and GIS tool of all assets for the City