Integrated Watershed Management

Coquitlam manages stormwater within watershed boundaries to ensure that properties are protected from flooding and impacts to the environment are minimized. A watershed is defined as an area of land where all of the water drains to the same place.

Online Tour

The online map tour shows the locations of watersheds in the City.


For all urban watersheds, Coquitlam is developing integrated watershed management plans (IWMP) to preserve watershed health, while also meeting community needs and facilitating growth and development. IWMP’s use a Net Environmental Benefit approach that strives to improve fish and fish habitat.

An IWMP investigates issues related to the quality and quantity of stormwater runoff, flood protection, environmental protection of aquatic resources, wildlife and their habitats, land use, greenways, and recreation. The IWMP’s outline cost effective solutions (capital, operation and maintenance) complete with implementation and maintenance plans.

An IWMP is to be cost-effective, scientifically defendable, supported by the public, and endorsed by the environmental agencies.