Parking at Glen Pine

A short term surface parking lot is located off Burlington Drive at Pinetree Way, with 13 designated spots for Glen Pine users. There is a two hour time limit in this lot unless a valid extended parking pass is displayed.


Depending on how long you stay at Glen Pine, you will need to choose which parking lot to use. Please view the Parking Map (PDF) for a better look at the following locations.

2 Hours - Short Term Surface Parking Lot

If you park in one of the designated Glen Pine spots, grab a parking pass from the front desk. It’s valid for 1 day only. A new pass is required each day you park in this lot. You do not need a pass if you park in a non-designated spot.

2 to 3 Hours - Underground Parking Lot

Please park in the designated Glen Pine parking spots.

3 Hours or Longer - Underground Parking Lot with a Parking Pass

Park in the designated Glen Pine spots and display your extended use parking pass. You can use your extended use parking pass in the short term surface parking lot.


If you have any questions or require further information, please contact Glen Pine Pavilion at 604-927-6940.