Complaints & Enforcement

The City uses a variety of enforcement measures. Our preferred method is to explain to people who are violating the City’s bylaws, the need for the bylaws and, if possible, obtain voluntary compliance. The Bylaw Enforcement Policy (PDF) outlines a standardized approach in order to ensure investigations are prioritized in a uniform way, as well as to ensure a fair and efficient complaint process.

Bylaw enforcement occurs through a tiered process of achieving bylaw compliance by means of:

  • Community education
  • Voluntary compliance on a case by case basis
  • Formal legal proceedings such as tickets, impoundments and/or court proceedings (if voluntary compliance is not achieved)

Report a Bylaw Complaint

  • To report a bylaw complaint, please call Bylaw Enforcement and Animal Services at 604-927-3580 or email Bylaw Enforcement. If after hours, please leave a message or send an email and a staff member will be in touch with you.
  • To make a request for service, including reports about stray dogs or cats, deceased animals, dog attacks and illegally parked vehicles, please call 604-927-7387.
  • For concerns involving businesses, including business licensing, noise, zoning or the unsightliness of commercial/business properties, please call 604-927-3085.
  • To make a complaint about a strata property, such as a townhome or mobile homes, you must forward your complaint to the strata management company or strata council. If you are not a resident of the strata property (i.e. you live at a neighbouring property), you may phone us for assistance.

Note: The City will not accept anonymous complaints. The City keeps the identity of every complainant confidential except where required by law. When submitting a request for service, we ask that you have the exact address where the alleged violation has occurred. We are unable to attend complaints based on a description of a house or area.