Value Proposition

Growth & Lifestyle

City of Coquitlam MappingCoquitlam is one of the fastest growing communities in the Metro Vancouver region and British Columbia and has many factors that contribute to a quality of life and lifestyle that is second to none:

  • Proximity to Vancouver
  • Transportation and housing options
  • Parks, trails and community facilities
  • Arts and culture opportunities
  • Highly educated population and labour force
  • Excellent educational institutions
  • Efficient and modern transportation and infrastructure
  • Innovative business community
  • Open and accessible government

These elements are responsible for driving the City of Coquitlam’s business, investment and residential growth.

The City of Coquitlam is dedicated to ensuring that you receive excellent value from your investments in our community. We are committed to working with our residents and businesses to develop an environment that allows businesses to invest, innovate, grow and prosper.


You can download a copy of our Location Brochure (PDF) for easy reference.

Explore Coquitlam by using our Interactive Web Map Tool that allows you to search, display and print maps containing geographical information in the City of Coquitlam.

Public / Private Partnerships

Coquitlam is always looking to increase its revenue base using innovative approaches that go over and above the traditional method of taxation.

One innovative method that the City has employed successfully in the past has been Public/Private Partnerships between the City and private entities.

City is committed to considering partnership arrangements in a manner that is responsive to growing demands for development such as recreation facilities while balancing the importance of responsible government and management of tax revenue and City resources.