Community Satisfaction Survey

2023 Survey Results

The 2023 Community Satisfaction Survey (PDF), conducted by Ipsos, asked a range of questions around quality of life, important issues, City services and financial planning. The survey also included information about communication and community engagement. The statistically-valid results provide sound insight into what the City is doing well, areas for improvement, and changing or emerging trends. 

On the whole, Coquitlam residents are highly satisfied:

  • 94% rated Coquitlam's quality of life positively
  • 93% said they are satisfied with the services provided by the City 
  • 80% said they receive good value for their tax dollars

However, new in 2023 the data also suggests that the community is feeling the impact of nationwide issues of affordability, infrastructure and more. These challenges provide new opportunities for the City to further support residents when planning the services and amenities to be offered into the next year and onward.

About the Community Satisfaction Survey

The Ipsos-led statistically-valid Community Satisfaction Survey provides a valuable opportunity for residents to provide feedback on various City services. 

The 2023 Citizen Satisfaction Survey heard from 782 (250 by phone and 512 online) randomly invited Coquitlam residents, aged 18 years or older. In a change from past years, where the survey was conducted by phone only, the random sample of participants was selected through a mix of phone and mailed invitation to an online survey. This allowed Ipsos to capture a sample that more accurately represents the City population, as many newer residents and individuals in certain demographic groups do not have landline phones at home. 

The City has collected citizen views each year on municipal services, priority issues and quality of life through Ipsos since 2003, using the insights to make decisions about planning, budgeting and community priorities. As of 2023, the citywide survey is conducted every two years in order to reduce community engagement fatigue.