What City services are available to me?
  • Technical Advice: We’ll answer your questions and provide information and guidance on such issues as: how to achieve a successful permit application, Zoning Bylaw and BC Building Code regulations, good building practices and what to look for in a contractor.
  • Plans Examination: We will review your drawing submission and identify anything that does not comply with current regulations. Our staff will work with you or your designer to resolve these issues to ensure a successful application and permit.
  • Inspections: You or your contractor will be responsible for ensuring the work is completed in accordance with the code and is ready for inspection, as well as booking inspections at specific stages of construction. Our inspectors will assess the work and identify work that does not meet standard regulations. Building and Plumbing Inspectors will answer your technical questions and provide an inspection report.

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1. What is a secondary suite?
2. Can my home contain a secondary suite and what makes it legal?
3. What are the benefits of legalizing my secondary suite?
4. What should I consider when designing my suite?
5. How will a secondary suite affect my utility bill?
6. What City services are available to me?
7. Which documents are required for a Secondary Suite Permit Application?
8. How can you remove a secondary suite?