What will the update achieve?

The updated Maillardville Neighbourhood Plan will outline a vision for the area that will help guide change over the next 20 years for this important community of Coquitlam. The planning process provides an opportunity for the community to explore and focus on:

  • The creation of a range of housing choices that will be needed now and in the future to address local housing issues such as affordability and choice
  • The provision of more transportation choices. Making transit, walking and cycling easier
  • The continued development of Maillardville into a vibrant, complete neighbourhood that meets the everyday needs of local residents
  • The enhancement of the capability and attractiveness of Maillardville’s employment areas to create more jobs for Coquitlam residents
  • New opportunities to enhance parks and natural spaces

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1. Where is Maillardville?
2. What will the update achieve?