What is the Board of Variance?

The Board of Variance is an independent appeal body which consists of five persons appointed by Council in accordance with the British Columbia Local Government Act (the "Act"). The Board, which deals primarily with matters pertaining to the City’s Zoning Bylaw (as amended), hears and makes decisions on minor variances only regarding the siting, size and dimensions of buildings.

The Act allows property owners to appeal to the Board if compliance with the Zoning Bylaw will cause an "undue hardship".

The Board may not alter land use or density provisions of the Zoning Bylaw nor does it replace the Building Permit process. Other technical requirements beyond the Board’s authority such as BC Building Code regulations and standards will also need to be satisfied before a building permit is approved and issued.

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1. What is the Board of Variance?
2. How often does the Board meet?
3. What does “undue hardship” mean?
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