In what order do I book the inspections for my permit type?

The View Inspections screen indicates the order to schedule inspections based on the permit type, beginning with the first inspection at the top of the list followed in the sequence listed. Construction, therefore, must not proceed beyond each inspection stage without the inspector’s express agreement and until the status of the preceeding inspection is closed by the Building Official.

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1. Where do I find my permit number?
2. Do I need to download special software to use the Inspections system?
3. How many days in advance can an inspection be scheduled or cancelled?
4. What is the cut-off time to schedule an inspection for the following business day?
5. Can I request a morning (a.m.) or afternoon (p.m.) inspection?
6. When I try to schedule an inspection I receive a message, "the inspection is already scheduled." What does this mean?
7. How will I know if my scheduled inspection has been completed by the inspector?
8. What does postponed mean?
9. In what order do I book the inspections for my permit type?
10. When I schedule the inspection and return to View Inspections screen additional inspections preceding my selected inspection are scheduled for the same day. What should I do?
11. I scheduled a drain tile inspection, do I need to schedule a separate plumbing inspection for the Rainwater Leaders (RWL), Sump, Storm, Sanitary, and Water Services?
12. I scheduled a Final Interior Plumbing inspection, do I need to schedule a separate Final Exterior Services plumbing inspection also?
13. The inspection I need to request is not in the list of inspections for my permit type, what should I do?
14. The inspection I need to request indicates the status is closed in the View Inspections screen, what should I do?
15. Can I apply for my building and plumbing permits on the Inspections system?
16. What is the Special Instructions box for on the Schedule Inspections screen?
17. Can I use the building permit number to schedule an interior or exterior plumbing inspections?
18. Can I review the inspection report and deficiencies for my completed inspection on the Inspections system?