What steps have been taken, to date?
  • July 2013 - Council adopted the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Plan (PCNP), which included an implementation strategy to complete a Master Development Plan for the Neighbourhood Centre.
  • Spring 2014 - Development of the Partington Creek Neighbourhood Centre Master Plan (PDF)
  • September 2015 - Public consultation on the PCNC Master Plan
  • November 2015 - Report to Council (PDF) sharing feedback of public consultation
  • July 2017 - Public Hearing and OCP Amendment Bylaw adopted which:
    • Establishes the "neighbourhood centre" to reflect the objectives of the PCNP
    • Adopts policies to guide development within the PCNC
    • Establishes Development Permit Guidelines to guide the form and character of future development within the PCNC
  • July 2017 - PCNC Master Plan adopted by Council (PDF)
  • 2017 to Present: The City continues with the development planning of the Village, including preparing for the community centre and other public amenities.