Developer Delegations

From time-to-time, a developer may choose to appear at a Council-in-Committee (CIC) meeting as a delegation in order to introduce a project and provide early information to Council and the public on either a rezoning application or a development permit application. 

Members of Council will be able to ask questions, and the applicant can gain a clearer indication on what the priorities may be for their proposed development. Note that:

  • Council-in-Committee is not a decision-making body, and the number of delegations are limited in a given week. 
  • The conversation is not necessarily an indication of future Council decisions. 
  • Any feedback or questions received are representative of the individual members of Council and do not constitute a formal position of Council as a whole. 
  • This is not a mandatory part of the development application process, and is initiated by the developer. 

The Developer Delegations policy and procedure does not apply to Master Development Plan rezoning applications, which have their own specific process and procedure. 

Guidelines – The Dos and Don’ts of a Successful Presentation to Council-in-Committee


  • Discuss your intent to appear as a delegation with your Planning and Development Department file manager prior to submitting your delegation request form. 
  • Provide your presentation in draft form to your Planning and Development Department File Manager before finalizing it to ensure that any information in it pertaining to City bylaws, policies and regulations is factual. 
  • Be clear about why you have brought your project to Council-in-Committee. 
  • Focus on the important highlights of your application, not technical details. 
  • Speak to any community concerns of which you may be aware. 
  • Provide a PowerPoint presentation that highlights key elements of your proposed development. (Note: Flyover presentations are not necessary as they are generally shared at Public Hearing). 
  • Limit the number of members of your delegation to no more than three members
  • Plan on the presentation taking no longer than five minutes, in accordance with the requirements set out in the Council Procedure Bylaw 4042, 2009
  • Watch archived recordings of previous developer delegation presentations to help familiarize yourself with the process if you have not previously appeared as a delegation.


  • Treat your presentation the same as you would for a Public Hearing, where there is more time to present. This is an opportunity for you to introduce your project at a high level to the Committee and gain early feedback. 
  • Bring any presentation materials that are not digital. The Council-in-Committee room has limited space and non-digital materials such as picture boards will not be visible to the public (both in the room and online). 
  • Provide Council-in-Committee members with take-away materials concerning your application as these are unnecessary.


  • Consult with your Planning and Development Department File Manager prior to submitting your delegation request form.
  • Complete and submit the delegation request form. This needs to be received by staff in the Clerk’s Department at least seven days prior to the meeting at which you wish to appear. 
  • Please be aware that there is a three delegation maximum per meeting and sometimes the time slots fill up. 
  • Once staff have received your delegation form, they will determine if there is space available for the date that you are requesting. 
  • Provide a draft of your presentation to your Planning and Development Department File Manager prior to finalizing it and providing it to the Clerk’s Office. 
  • Presentation materials (i.e., PowerPoint presentation) should be provided to the Clerk’s Office, no later than noon the Friday before your delegation. This allows the Clerk’s Office to test the materials to ensure that they are available at the meeting. 
  • Your presentation and all associated documents should be submitted in pdf or ppt format. Video is preferred in 1080p resolution and in wav or mp4 format. Avi format is discouraged. 
  • Large files can be sent via the City’s file transfer service QFile
  • Note that the deadlines noted above indicate the minimum time required in order to bring a presentation forward to Council-in-Committee. It is recommended that your final completed presentation be provided to both the Clerk’s Office and your Planning & Development file manager at least one week prior to your Committee date. 

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