Rezonings & Zoning Bylaw Text Amendments

City Zoning Bylaw

The City Zoning Bylaw regulates land use and the general form and siting of development, in accordance with the City’s Official Community Plan.  

The Zoning Bylaw defines: Permitted uses, development density, siting of buildings, building heights, lot coverage and off-street parking and loading, and other items, within Zoning Districts (i.e. zones).


Property owners may apply to amend the zoning on their property. Any Rezoning (Zoning Bylaw Map Amendment) must be in accordance with the City’s Official Community Plan. Any development permit or building permit issued by the City, or any subdivision approved by the City’s Approving Officer, must also be in accordance with the Zoning Bylaw.

 Contact Development Planning at 604-927-3430 for more information, or refer to the relevant bylaws and other documents for specific regulations and requirements.

Zoning Bylaw Text Amendments

Zoning Bylaw Text Amendments amend a requirement or regulation within the Bylaw affecting a particular zone (e.g. permitted uses or density). Such amendments would affect all properties within that zone. Like a Rezoning, a Text Amendment must be in accordance with the City's Official Community Plan.

Bylaw Third Reading Extensions

When an application has received a third reading from Council, the applicant has one year from the date of third reading to complete the application requirements, and obtain Council’s final adoption of the related bylaw amendment.

If the applicant has not met all of the requirements within the one year timeframe, the bylaw amendment will lapse. The applicant may submit a request to extend this one-year period between third and final adoption:

Find Zoning on a Property

All land in the City is assigned a zone. The zoning on individual properties is identified on the City’s Zoning Bylaw Maps. Use Q the Map to find the zoning on any City property:

  1. Click on the "Planning" layer in Q the Map
  2. Use the "Search" function and type in an address in the address box.
  3. Under the "Layers" function use the "Planning" folder to add zoning information, by checking the Zoning box.

Development Application Signs

If you are pursuing a Development Application, you are required to install a Development Application Sign on the development site. Please visit Development Application Signs for more information.

Public Information Meetings

Developers may host public information meetings at the request of the Planning and Development Department or on their own initiative to:

  • Provide information about a proposed complex development project to the residents in the area
  • Obtain feedback so that issues and concerns can be identified and addressed early in the development application process

For guidelines on holding public information meetings, please refer to:

Additional Information