Lockbox Program

Coquitlam has implemented a new lockbox program that will directly affect new construction of multi-family dwellings, but could also be beneficial to existing multi-family dwellings. Lockboxes installed on the exterior of multi-family buildings provide the Fire Department with quick and safe access for emergency response purposes. 

Effective immediately, the lockbox program is mandatory for new multi-family buildings, meaning that any new multi-family dwelling undergoing construction will be required to install a *Supra TRAC-Vault* lockbox for Fire Department use. 

For existing buildings in Coquitlam, the lockbox program is voluntary but is encouraged. 

Contractors and Developers that have any questions regarding the mandatory installation of lockboxes during construction, or Building Owners/Property Managers that are interested in learning more about the program for their existing buildings can direct their inquiries to the Fire Prevention Division 604-927-6433. 

Please review the directive here.

The current authorized retailers/installers for the Supra TRAC-Vault lockboxes are: