Community Outreach & Education

In an attempt to promote awareness and reduce the number of preventable fires, injuries, and property damage, Coquitlam Fire/Rescue provides fire safety education programs and opportunities within the community.

  1. Camp Ignite
  2. Fire Education Programs
  3. Fire Extinguisher Training
  4. Fire Hall Tours
  5. Fire Prevention Week
  6. Fire Trucks at Community Events
  7. The Pink Fire Truck

Camp Ignite is an annual Firefighter Mentorship Program that is organized and run by women in the BC Fire Service. The program is designed for female students in Grade 11 & 12 (ages 16-18), and provides its participants with the opportunity to learn about the world of firefighting, while gaining confidence, building friendships, and learning about health, fitness and teamwork.

There is no cost, as the participants are sponsored by their local fire department. Coquitlam Fire/Rescue is a proud supporter of the Camp Ignite Program, and is excited to sponsor Coquitlam’s next participant!

For more information, or to complete your application form, visit