Fire Safety Tips

Fire Safety is Everyone’s Responsibility!

Knowing the top causes of fires is a good way to start learning how to prevent fires. Did you know that cooking is the number one cause of fires in the home? Heating, electrical, smoking and candles are also among the top five causes.

You can also help prevent fire damage and injury by ensuring your family is prepared for a fire emergency by developing a home fire escape plan, and installing and regularly inspecting both smoke alarms and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

Daylight Savings - March 10

As you adjust any manual clocks moving them ahead one hour, take the opportunity to also change your smoke alarm batteries.  Remember to test your smoke alarm once a month, and be sure every household member knows what the smoke alarm sounds like. 

  1. Fire-risk Rating

    Fire Risk Rating Gauge. Current level is moderate.It's always important to keep an eye on and be aware of the local fire-risk rating as there are a number of changes and impacts to residents when it increases such as barbeque bans in our parks or the relaxation of watering restrictions in areas adjacent to heavily wooded/forested areas such as Mundy Park the northern forested boundary of the city.

    The current fire risk is “MODERATE”